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Artist + Transformational Guide

About me

A Creative in Dunedin, FL

Using Design to Transform.

I was born a visual artist and raised by an amazing teacher. This translated into a successful graphic design career. Having spent years as a graphic designer and branding consultant, my main focus has shifted to helping others succeed by developing the personal skills they need to achieve their goals. As a Transformational Guide, I enjoy helping clients establish a mind and body connection to create better habits that get them back to crafting a life they are proud of.

My goal as an artist is to have my work displayed and accessible to a wide range of people for the use of learning and educating the public on the creative process and the importance of everyone having a creative practice. It is also important to be able to have a space to engage with the public in my creative practice to share these ideas in a hands-on way.

I hope that the future impact of my work is the understanding that a responsibility of being human, is to express yourself creativity. 


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