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Current work

I am a mixed media artist using collage, printmaking, painting, photography, typography, and illustration on paper, wood or canvas to share my experience observing the self and inner dialogue. The work focuses on questions that repeat in my head and these words become intricate parts of the imagery created in each piece.

My collages are anchored in my background as a designer to pull a mixture of art making elements together to create accessible imagery that is talking directly to my audience.  I have gained a great deal of knowledge and inspiration from David Carson, Stefan Sagmeister, and Robert Rauschenberg. 

The ideas and issues that come up within my work are observing impermanence, how we identify ourselves and what we collect to construct these identities, relationships with friends and family, and our relationships to our desires.

A goal of mine as an artist is to convince people that everyone is a creative and everyone has an innate creative spirit rooted in love and healing. I hope that people who are seeking or questioning their existence, see my work and respond with feeling motivated to keep seeking and questioning to find their truths in life.

All artwork is for sale.
Pricing and shipping available upon request.

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